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Q4 2021 Double I Award Winner

The Double I award is presented to a business that Invests in and Improves its location or organization, thus improving the quality of life in Fulton County and surrounding areas.

Ag Technologies and Fulton County REMC

FC REMC Ag Tech 1

Ag Technologies and Fulton County REMC have been nominated for and won the Chamber’s “Double I” award this quarter. The Double I award is presented to a business or organization that Invests in their business and Improves the quality of life in Fulton County. Fulton County REMC has completed the construction of an advanced solar and storage facility located in Talma, Indiana. The site will produce 1.6 million kwh per year from solar and stored energy. Energy storage is accomplished with two Tesla 2.5 Megapack batteries, which is enough battery capacity to power 2,200 homes for a month. The Talma system will set a new standard for grid reliability and stability using carbon-free solar energy. The project was developed and constructed by Ag Technologies Inc., utilizing their patented SolarCam adjustable solar stand. Ag Technologies is located in Rochester Indiana and all subcontractors on the project originate from Fulton Co. Indiana.


Pictured left to right:
Mayor Ted Denton
Todd Cloud
Kristine Clevenger
Laura Lewis
Doug Smith
Brandon Kamp
Mike Straeter
Melinda Straeter
Jim Straeter
Joe Koch
Amber Basham, Chamber Ambassador with Life Care Center of Rochester
Roger Olinger
Tiffany Futrell, Chamber Board of Directors
TJ Garner
Angie Miller
Jillian Smith, Chamber Executive Director
Steve Searles, Chamber Ambassador with CORE Mechanical Services

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