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Q2 2021 Shining Star Award Winner

The Shining Star award is presented to an individual or business who has gone above and beyond to be a Shining Star in and for the community.

Fulton County Health Department

FC Health Department Shining Star

The Chamber is pleased to present this quarter’s “Shining Star” award to the Fulton County Health Department (FCHD) on behalf of all volunteers and organizations who have aided in the COVID-19 vaccination process. The Shining Star award is presented to an individual or business who has gone above and beyond to be a Shining Star in and for the community. The FCHD and its volunteers have established and implemented a vaccination process which has already allowed over 25% of Fulton County residents to be fully vaccinated. We would like to specifically recognize the staff: Dr. Kevin Reyburn, Health Officer; Rhonda Barnett, RN, Public Health Nurse; Shannon Shepherd, Environmental Director; Dawn Risten, Food Inspector/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator; Misty Hopkins, Immunization Clerk; and Carrie Ranstead, Vital Records.

The FCHD would also like to be sure all donors and volunteers are recognized: Council on Aging’s Executive Director Doug Beller; Fulton County Transportation Director Rusty Moore; RSVP’s Volunteer Coordinator Anne King; Fulton County IT/Maintenance’s Josh Sriver, Devin Madeford, and Mike Gibbons; RTC; Jim Straeter, Fulton County EMA Director Larry Hoover; Fulton County Highway Department John Geier and staff; Jana Vance, Rochester School Corp. Superintendent; Elizabeth Stavedahl, RN, Rochester High School; Samantha Butler; Columbia Elementary School; Webb’s Pharmacists Harry Webb and Adam Zink; the Rochester Sentinel; the Shoppers Guide; and WROI. Individual volunteers include Pat Hoover, RN; Beverly Fish, RN; Judy Wilcox, RN; Amy Reese, RN; Pam Moyer, RN; Amanda Coggins, RN; Yavonne Beller, RN; Teresa Perkins, RN, NP; Scott Harrod; Addison Shaver; Karen Tislow; Patricia Hollister; Alan Hollister; Kathy Isbell; Jean Cloud; Donna Smith; Don Christenson; Donna Cannedy; Gerry Hornung; Joyce Sroufe; Carol Strauss; John Adams; Therese German; and Mary Lipsett. And those who provided meals: Andi Lee, Rick and Carrie Ranstead, Jarrety’s Place, Casey’s Pizza, Wings Etc., Rochester Bagel, Kroger Deli, Nubiano’s, Evergreen, The Dam Landing, Pizza Hut, B&K Drive-In, Flagpole, and other area restaurants.


Pictured left to right:
Amber Basham, Chamber Ambassador with Life Care Center
Jillian Smith, Chamber Executive Director
Harry Webb, Fulton County Health Board President
Dawn Risten, Food Protection
Misty Hopkins, Public Health Records
Rhonda Barnett, Public Health Nurse
Carrie Ranstead, Vital Records
Cassie Peyton, Chamber Ambassador with Teachers Credit Union
Shannon Shepherd, Administrator/Environmental Director
Kendra Chudzynski, Chamber Board of Directors
Dr. Robin Surface, D.V.M.

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