It is a privilege to serve as your 2017 Fulton County Chamber of Commerce President. 2016 was the first full year for our Executive Director, Amy A. Roe, and she was extremely busy.  One of our main goals in 2016 was to live up to our name and be more inclusive of all of Fulton County. This was accomplished by not only asking the County Commissioners to be a Platinum Sponsor and sit on our board so we could collaborate more closely, but also working diligently to host Chamber events in each of the towns and attend multiple events in each town to show our support and build relationships. Internally we have adjusted our office efficiency with the implementation of Chamber Master, reviewed our programs and events to make positive changes, and continue to work to provide additional tools that bring membership value.


In addition, we have been working diligently to support, build up, and launch the other organizations who find their home with the Fulton County Chamber of Commerce. After many hours of research and multiple conversations it was noted that most towns have their Main Street and Tourism Commission separate from their Chamber so that each organization can ensure it is functioning at the best capacity that they can. That is why we feel that one of the biggest accomplishments this year was the clarifying, organizing, and launching of the Rochester Downtown Partnership and the Fulton County Tourism Commission to be more self-sustaining. As standalone organizations, they will be able to more fully live up to their mission and receive funding specifically designed for them.


One of the goals for the Chamber in 2017 is to continue to provide support to the Rochester Downtown Partnership and the Fulton County Tourism Commission. While new to branching off from the Chamber as their own organizations, they will still need the guidance and support of the Chamber and our Executive Director. We also want to continue to clarify processes and procedures to help us be more efficient as an organization to ensure we are the strongest we can be for our members and our community. Finally, we will continue to look at new ways to provide and increase the membership value for all our sponsors and members. The Chamber will continue to work to find the best way for you to network with other members through tools such as Business After Hours, obtain valuable information and training through our programs such as Women in Business, and get your business name in front of potential customers through our use of Facebook and our newsletter, ‘Business Minute’.


I grew up in Fulton County and have lived here all my life with exception of my college years. My husband and I love raising our family here and I look forward to serving as your President in 2017. I feel like this position will give me the opportunity to ensure we can provide the best future for our businesses and families in Fulton County. We will do this by continuing to work to provide the best tool we can to our members by ensuring member and sponsor benefits are the most updated and relevant they can be.








Stacey Wilson, 2017 Board President

Asset Recovery Manager

First Federal Savings Bank